Wednesday, 20 October 2010

In response to the bottom letter here:

The letter of mine on the same subject I posted before
has now got over 100 comments, which I'm told is a record number for an article on The Northern Echo's site. Thanks to all the neo-communists who made it possible.

I’M sure it took Pete Winstanley (HAS, Oct 15) many hours of “careful consideration”, as he puts it, before he chose to use the same epithets to describe the BNP as those repeated constantly by the leftist media and the Lib-Lab-Conmen.

Despite his wanting to pretend otherwise, the words “racist”, “Nazi” et al, are ridiculously overused by the left and are applied to anyone, or anything, who remotely disagrees with it.

I take solace, however, in the fact that, by using the terms “racist”, “fascist”, “Islamophobe”, etc, so much, the left will eventually wear these words out completely and with it their only means of debating.

Then they will have nothing.

Stephen Palmer, St John’s Chapel, Co Durham

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