Thursday, 28 October 2010

Letter by the BNP candidate for City of Durham, Ralph Musgrave, in The Northern Echo today, this time about modern art.

YOU reported that an empty barn in Swaledale is being wrapped in wool as part of an “art project” (Echo, Oct 12).

Plus, I see the floor of the turbine hall at London’s old Battersea power station (now Tate Modern) has been covered in clay sunflower seeds, all in the name of art.

This prompts me to wonder what “art” is. My preferred definition is “form of occupational therapy for pseuds, idlers and incompetents”. Or perhaps that is too cynical.

Anyway, by way of proving how artistic I am, I’m going in for the Turner Prize at the Tate. My creation will be a large pile of rabbit droppings.

Any reader with a pet rabbit can help by sending me unwanted droppings.

Those who contribute will get a cut of the £40,000 prize. If time permits, and with a view to displaying my artistic sensibilities, I may spray the droppings different colours.

But I fear a pile of rabbit droppings is not sufficiently daft to win the prize. Anyway, no harm in trying.

Ralph Musgrave, Durham

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