Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My letter in The Northern Echo today.

THANKS to Pete Winstanley (HAS, Oct 9) for his interest in the British National Party’s Bring Our Boys Home (from Afghanistan) campaign.

Unfortunately, he chooses to insult the intelligence of the good people of the North-East and our country who signed our petition by using the age-old “liberal” tactic of calling someone who disagrees with him a Nazi.

The words Nazi, neo-Nazi, fascist, racist, Islamophobe, and Gordon Brown’s favourite, bigot, and so on, are words not used to promote debate, but to silence any opposition to the liberal agenda by attempting to make the recipient feel ashamed and guilty of perfectly normal and inherent ideas of self-preservation and pride in one’s country.

However, we in the BNP are not ashamed of wanting to preserve our people and our country; in fact, we are proud of it, and calling us silly names doesn’t work on us. Sorry.

Also, the Nazis invaded other countries and started wars; the BNP has opposed the Iraq and Afghanistan wars from the start.

Anyone wishing to sign our petition can do so via our website.

Stephen Palmer, St John’s Chapel, Co Durham.

It was in response to this letter –

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