Thursday, 28 October 2010

More benefits of immigration. She'd have a better chance if she accused a white person, though. After all, only whites can be racist, remember?

A high-flying student who alleges she was branded ''a bloody Arab'' by her PhD lecturer is suing Durham University for £200,000.

Dr Hadil Bakir claims she was verbally and physically abused by her supervisor while studying at the university's department of human molecular genetics.

The mother-of-one, originally from Iraq, said Dr Rumaisa Bashir subjected her to a campaign of harassment which led to her developing bulimia, a stomach ulcer and depression.

She is suing the university on the grounds that senior staff failed to protect her from the alleged bullying of Dr Bashir, a global expert in the adult onset of muscular dystrophy who has also worked at Newcastle University.

Dr Bakir, of Durham, said she had been unable to work due to her ill-health since completing her PhD in September 2006.

Durham University has denied the claims made during a hearing at Newcastle County Court...

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