Saturday, 16 October 2010

County Durham British National Party was out for the fifth week running for the Bring Our Boys Home campaign, on Saturday, reports local activist Stephen Palmer.

The branch held its first ever stall in the northerly market town of Consett and received a very welcoming response, adding several hundred more signatures to its tally so far.

"As we have found in previous weeks, some of those who spoke to us mentioned they have family members, friends, or friends of friends fighting in Afghanistan," said activist Michael Stewart, who was the BNP's candidate for Consett's North West Durham constituency this year.

"They told us that everyone they know is opposed to the War and that it's about time the politicians listened.

"Some residents who signed were surprised when they saw that the petition was organised by the British National Party. However, after I explained to them that the BNP is the only party that has constantly and consistently opposed both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, they were happy to take away our literature to read more about our policies.

"Many locals who signed said they voted for us in the last election and are interested in starting up a local BNP branch. Watch this space."

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