Saturday, 9 October 2010

Report from Pete Molloy and some photos of today's day of action in Richmond, North Yorkshire:

Members of County Durham BNP teamed up with Andrew Brons MEP and members from Yorkshire BNP to take the Party’s ‘Bring Our Boys Home’ campaign to the historic Georgian market town of Richmond in North Yorkshire.

Some activists were amongst people visiting the market handing out leaflets and getting people to sign the petition to help bring back our armed forces from the unwinnable war in Afghanistan while other activists manned a stall outside the regimental museum of the Green Howards.

One of the leading activists on the day, Mark Walker, said, “We’ve had a real positive day of action with plenty of local people approaching me to sign our petition.”

Richmond is only three miles north of Catterick Garrison, whose military population is currently experiencing fatalities in Afghanistan.

“We need to bring our armed forces back from being involved in a war that is of no concern to us before the local community lose loved ones and I lose any more of my constituents," said Andrew Brons.

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