Friday, 10 September 2010

Last night's results for the two County Durham by-elections. Adam Walker got a healthy 21.3% vote in the Spennymoor ward that saw the Lib Dems take a town council seat from Labour. BNP candidate Julie Snaith got 7.7% of the vote in the adjoining Middlestone Moor ward, although as no campaigning was done in that ward, that low result was to be expected.

I'd like to say thank you very much to everyone who came to help throughout this campaign. We've had lots of people from the north east and north west of England, as well as from as far afield as London, come along to help, and it has done a great amount of good to raise Adam's profile for the next time he stands in the area.

The BNP put 100 times the effort anyone else did into the Spennymoor ward election. We put out seven different leaflets across the ward and completed several canvass sweeps of it. Unfortunately for the people of Spennymoor, changing from Labour to Liberal is no change at all, but we'll be back; don't worry.


Adam Walker, BNP: 264 (21.32%)
Harold Pattison, Independent: 53 (4.28%)
Ben Ord, Liberal Democrats: 494 (39.9%)
Pat Walton, Labour: 422 (34.08%)

Total votes: 1238
Turnout: 28.9%

Middlestone Moor

Julie Snaith, BNP: 47 (7.73%)
Eddie Rhodes, Liberal Democrats: 202 (33.32%)
Colin Nelson, Labour: 358 (58.88%)

Total votes: 608
Turnout: 22.8%

Some of Adam's helpers at the Town Hall count.

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