Thursday, 2 September 2010

Letter by former BNP candidate for City of Durham, Ralph Musgrave, printed in The Northern Echo today:

CONGRATULATIONS to columnist Peter Mullen for having belatedly realised Muslims are being radicalised in prisons (Echo, Aug 31). I knew about this more than a year ago. 

Moreover, the word I am getting from local prison officers is that it’s not just Muslims being radicalised: Muslim gangs are forcing non-Muslims to attend Muslim classes, religious services, etc. 

But your columnist is sticking his neck out, isn’t he? He should remember that PC fascists (like Hitler and Stalin) have people sacked for disagreeing with the views of the powers-that-be. 

Apart from the numerous BNP members who have been sacked, Thilo Sarrazin, board member of Germany’s Bundesbank, has recently been relieved of some of his duties for expressing politically incorrect views about Islam and immigration. 

But perhaps it is now possible to talk about Muslim radicalisation without being sacked. One sign that this is the case is that Tony Blair, who has always been quick to jump on any fashionable bandwagon, has made the astounding claim that he was one of the first to spot the dangers of Islamo-terrorism. 

Now that’s strange, because he presided over years of more or less uncontrolled immigration from Muslim countries, culminating in the London Tube bombings. 

Ralph Musgrave, Durham.

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