Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Cumbria and County Durham BNP

Thanks to Clive Jefferson at Cumbrian Patriots for the below report on Saturday's leafleting activity.

On Saturday Cumbria BNP sent two car loads of activists over the A66 to assist our college Adam Walker in the by-election he is currently fighting in Spennymoor.

The NE and Cumbria have always supported each other, and it is great for morale to travel and assist other groups, not to mention the boost a local team gets when activists come from afar to help out.

On Saturday we managed to hand deliver 4200 personally addressed mail merge letters to the electors of the ward, an incredible day's work with our activists knocking on each door and handing the voters a personal message from the British National Party candidate, a technique that is very effective and gets first-timers into knocking on doors without the pressure of having to "canvass" the elector. Once our activists realise there really is no problem with door knocking they usually quickly develop into effective canvassers.

Clive Jefferson, National Elections Officer, praised the team effort which included the literature being printed in Nuneaton, prepared (put into envelopes in Cumbria, a three day job) and delivered by a team of activists from all over the north of England.

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