Friday, 3 September 2010

County Durham's buses, along with those in the whole of the North East, are under threat from government cuts.

The "spending review", which is PR speak for cuts, is due on 20 October, and it's expected that the North East's budget will be slashed from £4m to £3m or lower. Stephen Joseph, the executive director of The Campaign for Better Transport (CBT), has warned that buses will thus become "extinct" in suburbs and villages.

I would like to urge all bus users in County Durham to email County Durham Council, at, and tell them which bus services you use, for what purpose and what times of the day you use them. This is especially important if you live in rural areas, as these are most likely to be cut.

The deadline to register your protest is 24 September 2010, so make sure you get your letter in by then.

More information can be found on Durham County Council's website.

There is also a story in The Northern Echo about it.

The North East's transport budget used to be ringfenced. Now it's fair game, and foreign aid, which runs at a staggering £13b a year, is ringfenced. The BNP would halt ALL foreign aid, withdraw from the EU, end political correctness and the immigration swindle, and withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, saving us tens of billions a year.

We would spend our own people's money on our own people and not throw it down the third-world drain or give it to countries with over four times our GDP like China. Then our own people wouldn't have to suffer like this.

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