Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A very accurate piece on appeasement of Islam by Peter Mullen writing in The Northern Echo today. Well, he knows for whom to vote if he wants things to change. There's only one party that opposes the Islamification of Britain, so stop appeasing multiculturalism, and vote BNP!

When we appease militant Islamists, they despise us and are encouraged to further aggression by our perceived cowardice. Since the mid-Nineties the West has been challenged by a worldwide Islamist jihad and because, apart from fighting the wrong wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we do nothing but appease our enemies, they get more daring in their outrages and daily more contemptuous of us.

The Islamists are in so many places: Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Indonesia and in Iran. Most dangerously for us, they are among us in British towns and cities. They are here in such numbers and they go about their terrorist plotting with such impunity that journalist and author Melanie Phillips has described London as “Londonistan”...
Full article here: We let these extremists get bolder...

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