Friday, 27 August 2010

Michael Stewart speaks at the meeting.
There was a well-attended meeting for the Spennymoor election campaign held last night. The Town Council were gracious enough to allow us entry to the Town Hall and the meeting took place in the main room.
After several weeks of canvassing, we had a good response from the people from Spennymoor and those who had said "yes" to our activists on the doorstep were sent an invitation before the event. As a result we had a number of guests who had never been to a BNP meeting before and let's hope they come to future gatherings also.
A healthy collection was made and several volunteers committed to helping out both on Polling Day and also in the two weeks for the final push with leafletting, door-knocking, telephone canvassing and running around.
If you can help AT ALL, please get in touch with the election team on 0799066 3292 or
Michael Stewart

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