Monday, 2 August 2010

Adam Walker and his team of canvassers are out almost every day in Spennymoor. We have had support from far and wide so far, and last week Richard Barnbrook came all the way from London to help. He also spoke at the latest Spennymoor meeting, at which over £250 was raised.

Despite all the hard work put in so far, the campaign is still in its early stages. Canvassing a whole ward takes a huge amount of time, and we always need more people to help. Please phone election agent Michael Stewart on 07990 663292, or email to get involved. Also, see Adam's Facebook page for updates.

This is a real chance to get the BNP's first councillor in the North East; please help make it a reality.

Adam Walker and Richard Barnbrook
Canvassing Team
Spennymoor Meeting
Mark Walker

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