Saturday, 28 August 2010

A good day of leafleting in Spennymoor today as we delivered our anti-smear leaflet and Voice of Freedoms. Fittingly, anti-BNP activists were delivering smear leaflets as well, proving once again that we have a very real chance of being elected here. They delivered a Hope not Hate booklet from March 2010, which was funded by UNISON and is only directed at women (ahem, sexism), and an ultra-cheap UAF leaflet with copied-and-pasted articles from The Guardian, and The Daily Star, whose reliable writers still think Adam lives in Tyne and Wear.

Here's a quote from the Hope not Hate booklet. And they say we discriminate... (I'm sure there are some even more ridiculous quotes in it, but I haven't bothered reading it.)

"I think women are harder to fool than men. That’s why only a third of those who vote BNP are women. We can see how much there is to lose." - Coleen Nolan, Loose Women

On the subject of anti-democracy, check out this UNISON letter, a section of which we featured on our last leaflet. As I said before, this is the kind of systematic bias we're up against, and we'll only prevail if more people like you come out and help us to.

We'll be doing more leafleting this coming week, so please get in touch if you'd like to help, on 0799066 3292 or The election's under two weeks away, so get involved now!

And thanks to Newcastle Patriot for their feature on our campaign – Adam Walker's Spennymoor Campaign Still Going Strong

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