Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Immigration by Adam Walker

PETE Winstanley encourages those of us who class ourselves as indigenous to “enjoy Britain’s vibrant and cosmopolitan culture” (HAS, June 28).

Despite what he believes, this is something some of us indigenous folk already choose to do on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, however, there are those among us who have not chosen to be part of Mr Winstanley’s perceived multicultural Utopia, but have had it forced upon them whether they like it or not...
 BNP by Pete Molloy
ACCORDING to the UK Independence Party website, it received about 918,000 votes in this year’s General Election and not the 950,000 that Dave Brothers, Ukip’s North-East treasurer, stated (HAS, June 25).

He also got the British National Party’s figure wrong when he stated “about 500,000” votes. The BNP actually got 563,743.

Mr Brothers uses his figures to try to discredit BNP County Durham organiser Adam Walker’s assertion that the BNP is now Britain’s fourth strongest political party.

Mr Brothers failed to mention that Ukip contested 557 seats compared to the BNP’s 339 seats...

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