Wednesday, 21 July 2010

UKIP/BNP by Pete Molloy

DAVE Brothers, of the UK Independence Party, claims I proved his point that the BNP couldn’t field enough candidates in this year’s General Election (HAS, July 10)

It’s a good job for Ukip that we didn’t field more candidates as we would have embarrassed it even further... 

And an as-yet unpublished one by Adam Walker on the same subject:

Dave Brothers (HAS July 10) makes some very interesting comments regarding UKIP policy on immigration. He states, “The UK is overcrowded and we need to halt permanent immigration while we remove illegal immigrants and while we set acceptable targets for immigration. Genuine asylum seekers will still be welcomed, as would be expected in any tolerant society.” It appears that UKIP policy on immigration is almost identical to that of the British National Party. The difference being, however, is that the BNP will also deport all illegal criminals who have taken advantage of our kindness. We will only permit real genuine asylum seekers, namely those that have sought asylum in their first safe country and not those who have travelled through many countries in order to be allowed to take advantage of our soft touch benefits system and drain our public services.

If Mr Brothers feels so strongly about immigration, he should join the only party that is truly committed to looking after the interests of our people first. Also, from speaking to Mr Brothers personally and from what I have experienced of his party, both appear to be full of little more than 'wind and water'.

Adam Walker, British National Party Co. Durham Organiser

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