Sunday, 11 July 2010

Home Closures

WE cannot believe what is happening to our elderly folk in the seven residential homes run by Durham County Council which are facing closure (Echo, July 1).

Some of these elderly folk have no doubt served our country in the Armed Forces or down the pit contributing to our society and as such are entitled to be looked after by the local authority in a fitting manner.

Why should the decision about the homes be made at a meeting of the council’s cabinet to be held behind closed doors?

This is not at all democratic and the residents, if able to, along with their family members should be allowed into that meeting to hear the decision.

We urge the council to have respect for our elderly folk and not to close these homes.

Pete Molloy, Adam Walker and Mark Walker, Organisers, North Durham, Bishop Auckland and Sedgefield Constituency Groups, British National Party

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