Monday, 19 July 2010

Adam Walker and other BNP activists are currently campaigning to elect Adam to a vacant space on Spennymoor Town Council. The by-election date has not yet been set, but it will most likely be on the 9th of September. There will be several weeks of canvassing, leafleting and stalls held before the election date. If you would like to get involved, please phone election agent Michael Stewart on 07990 663292 or email

Adam was just 129 votes short of being elected the last time he stood in the area, in 2008, and that was without a single house being canvassed and before his profile was raised by winning his nationally televised GTC hearing. This is a real chance to get the BNP's first elected councillor in the North East of England. The other parties will be trying their hardest to stop this happening – the Lib Dems have already announced a current county councillor will be fighting the seat – so it is imperative we get as many people as possible along to help.

Keep up to date with the campaign on Adam Walker's Facebook page.

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