Saturday, 12 June 2010

In response to this letter.

School Funding
Dear HAS,

My thanks to MPs Pat Glass, Kevan Jones and Roberta Blackman-Woods for keeping the issue of school funding in the public eye (HAS 7th June).  Also obligatory congratulations to them for their electoral success albeit with reduced majority (COD−2.9% ND-13.6% NWD-11.6% source
They state the coalition Government has decided to review all of Labour’s recent spending commitments, which naturally includes funding for academies. This is surely common sense for any new administration particularly given the state of the nation's finances and the Letters Of Direction demanded from Labour by senior civil servants, as we discovered only AFTER May 6th.

I would also remind the member for North West Durham of the April hustings we both attended near one proposed Academy site at Consett where the matter of Academies was raised and to shouts of "rubbish" from the attendees she showed that like Education Secretary Michael Gove she had not done her homework.

Although I agree Mr Gove does not seem to have the best interests of the North East at heart, I would remind Pat of where not to throw stones.

Michael Stewart

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