Saturday, 12 June 2010

In response to this letter.


Dear HAS

LD Wilson (HAS June 5th) comments on the article “Deliverance” (Echo May 28). He/she quotes Churchill when he described Dunkirk as “a miracle of deliverance”. With our country in such a mess at the moment due to the incompetence of consecutive Governments, I would argue that we need yet another “miracle of deliverance”.

I should imagine that the bodies of those who died at Dunkirk are turning in their graves at the unprecedented mess our nation has been allowed to fall into. This hideous state of affairs is not why they laid down their lives. They paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be free from tyranny. The current bunch of cretins in Westminster are the real threat to this country, more so than any enemy we have ever faced in history. We definitely need “deliverance”, but I don't think our current leaders possess the bottle or the brains to deliver any "miracles".

Adam Walker

British National Party Co. Durham Organiser

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