Friday, 25 June 2010

Terrorism by Michael Stewart

The British National Party opposes the British taxpayer funding the asylum of known, dangerous foreign terrorists living in our country and also fiercely opposes risking the lives of our best men and women in Afghanistan...

Austerity by Ralph Musgrave

GOVERNMENTS around the world are currently trying to reduce their deficits and/or national debts. They are prepared to court austerity to do so.

This charade is based on a huge mistake which economists (such as Milton Friedman) 50 and more years ago could see through. The ideas that Friedman and others were aware of have been forgotten by the conservative (with a small “c”) economists who currently dominate government policy...

MP's Message by me

I WOULD just like to point out to North West Durham Labour MP Pat Glass (HAS, June 19), who claims I took her Twitter message that boasts about her “fab” new office and free BlackBerry “out of context” in my previous letter (HAS, June 14), that her message in question was written days apart from any of her other messages.

In other words, there was literally no context to take it out of – all I did was repeat it in its entirety. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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