Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Assessing schools

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EDUCATION Secretary Michael Gove says that if 30 per cent or more of a school’s pupils fail to achieve five GCSEs then that school has failed and the headteacher will face the possibility of being sacked if results don’t improve (HAS 14th June). So yet again teachers will be pressured into obtaining otherwise impossible GCSE results by ‘whatever means’ and I mean ‘whatever means’. As a teacher you can inspire, motivate and encourage learners through your teaching but you cannot put in what God has left out. This is precisely why GCSE results improve every year and yet educational standards continue to decline. Mr. Gove’s neo- Marxist egalitarian ideology has frightening implications and will not work. Simply ask a student with 10 A* GCSEs how long it takes to boil an egg and you will find out. Furthermore, if teaching was such a great career, why isn’t Michael Grove one? Because teachers don’t get expenses, they get ulcers instead!

Mark Walker
County Durham British National Party

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