Monday, 7 June 2010

In response to this letter.

Dear HAS

Mrs Edna Armstrong-Brooks (HAS June 3) makes some very interesting observations regarding the English Defence League (EDL) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF). She comments that she had a feeling of “intimidation” as the “thugs marched through our streets” in Newcastle recently. And rightly so. The UAF have a long history of violence which is supported by some Trade Unions and our new Government. I would like to remind Mrs Armstrong-Brooks that if our elected representatives in Parliament were doing their job properly, namely looking after their own people first, as a Government should, there would be no need for the EDL to exist. I agree with her when she states “That this country gave up the lives of so many brave servicemen in the two World Wars to ensure democracy was defended and still enjoyed and then to watch this march take place was repellent”. However, I would suggest that it is those like the UAF who seek to destroy democracy and the very fabric of our nation, that should hang their heads in shame, not the EDL.

Adam Walker, British National Party Co. Durham Organiser

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