Friday, 4 June 2010

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County Durham British National Party sent some of its members to the woods near the Cow Plantation in Spennymoor, County Durham, to construct a path as a community project, reports our North East correspondent Pete Molloy.

“The path was drastically needed to aid the public who use the woods for recreational purposes like walking their dogs or cycling, as the existing access was a bit treacherous,” Mr Molloy said.

Leading the project was County Durham’s Organiser, Adam Walker, who was impressed with the work by his team.

“I’ve been planning this project for a while, but it had to be put on hold until after the general election,” Mr Walker said.

“It took the team two hours to complete the project and we have used all natural materials from the woods itself, so it is very eco friendly,” he added.

The members of County Durham BNP who took part in the project were Adam Walker, Amanda Foster, Pete Molloy, Michael Stewart and Mark Walker.

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