Monday, 14 June 2010

Unpublished letter to The Northern Echo. In response to this article – £1m bill to help ex-MPs readjust

Dear HAS

Your article “£1m bill to help ex-MPs readjust” (Echo website June 8) was a real eye opener. The Members of Parliament mentioned in the article typify those that have castigated the British National Party in the past for, amongst other things, dividing our communities. I don't believe I am alone in saying that it is the very actions of these people and those like them that are the real wedge within the community. The division is quite clearly defined between those who have (them) and those that have not (us). I can't understand why these parasites need so much of our money to “readjust” to the real world. On second thoughts they do know very little about it, and should they have to live on our meagre pickings they would soon perish. I have no doubt also that they will have a finger in some pie or other to aid their transition and help their reintegration.

Adam Walker

British National Party Co. Durham Organiser

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