I walked to work and hopped home

By Chris Thornton

As a kid growing up, I don’t think anyone at my school would have taken odds against my having a career in the army.

I joined the army cadets in 1977, and by 1980 I was made Cadet Sgt Major at Endike barracks in Hull. I captained Humberside and North East England army cadets at rugby sevens, colts canter, Humberside orienteering and shooting teams, anything to do with sport.

After leaving school I took on a YTS whilst I passed my written test at the army recruitment office in Hull. I was due to go to the Midlands for the physical test. I was devastated that I was too small for the Paras and at the same time I got offered a permanent post after completing the YTS. I spit my dummy out, as the saying goes, and did not join the army, so it is rather ironic that 10 years ago today, on 12 Feb 2004, I was blown up in a demolition accident, losing most of my right leg. (It could only happen to me.)

The accident happened whilst cutting a piece of redundant plant on the demolition site of the infamous American ghost ships in Hartlepool.  The explosion blew off my right knee. I was flung twelve yards and buried in muddy water. I remember looking at what was left of my leg and initially thinking I had lost both legs. I remember feeling relieved to see my left foot poke out of the mud. The rest of my right leg was found some three hours later, forty-one metres from the initial explosion.

Luckily for me the two men I was working with, William and George, saved my life. I saw how much blood I had lost and asked William to get me my phone to ring my wife because I thought I might struggle to make it. William was ex-army and reassured me he had stopped the bleeding with a tourniquet. My wife was taken from her place of work in a fast police car forty miles to the hospital. She was told there was a very good chance I may not survive the night, and indeed I bowed out several times.

The demolition contract initially came about after a director of Able UK approached me whilst I was playing cricket against them. He said they had three ships to dismantle, with a chance of over one hundred more. He informed me I would dismantle one ship, and William and George the other two. I was very excited about the challenge, which would have seen me working in the North East for the foreseeable future.

The company were to employ two hundred men, which would have had a knock-on effect in boosting the local economy in a part of the country where it was much needed. I was interviewed on behalf of Able UK by national and local news channels. I told them of the systems we had in place for removing asbestos and any waste oils safely. I also told them that 95 percent of the ships would be recycled and it would be a win-win for everyone concerned in Hartlepool.

The future looked bright, but there is always someone to spoil things. In this case that someone was the local far-left branch of the Friends of the Earth (FOTE). These tree-hugging slimeballs have never done a real day’s work in their lives but love interfering with people’s livelihoods. They told the press lies that the ships were toxic and that the North East was to be a dumping ground.

Able UK did all they could to get the work started, including paying for an independent maritime surveyor, whom I accompanied around each ship. His report proved FOTE were wrong. However, together with the left-wing council, they succeeded in delaying vital planning permission for the cofferdam. That delay cost the company the chance to tender for the rest of the fleet, and the contract was lost.

Many of these ships were sold to places such as India, where they are dragged onto beaches. There they would have been cut open, allowing all the oils to be released into the sea. The asbestos would have also ended up in the sea. It would have been removed without personal or local protection and simply dumped without any regulations or overseers, such as the HSE, which we have in England.

I have seen videos of ships dismantled in the third world. They are cut up without any systems of work or personal protective equipment for the workforce. Fatalities from accidents happen daily, whilst those that do survive will suffer long time illnesses such as asbestosis. The hypocrites of Friends of the Earth do not realise that India and the rest of the third world are part of the earth that they claim to protect.

Incidentally, it was the same local branch of FOTE that organised a Parliamentary hustings meeting at a church for the Middlesbrough by-election and then refused entry to our candidate, Peter Foreman. FOTE Marxists claimed it was “democracy in action”. Far-left fascism in action is the truth of it.

My recovery took some time, both mentally and physically, as you might expect. However, I was very fortunate to have a beautiful supportive wife and three sons and was relatively financially secure. I also have a huge family and many good friends who help tremendously. I will not butter it up too much because it is not all plain sailing. I still suffer a lot of nerve pain and have severe hyposensitive scarring. The pain causes sleep problems, and I tire easily, but other than that, on the whole, I cope pretty well. We have since had three little girls to complete our family, so I think I have now done my bit for the indigenous Brits.

Losing a limb is a big deal, and I tend to strike a bond when meeting other amputees, especially those who have also suffered traumatic amputations. Whilst in various limb clinics, I have met many young veterans with various body parts missing. I look at these young lads and it is so upsetting. When I lost my leg I was 39 with my youth behind me. I had a wife and kids and a nice house; these kids, however, have nothing. If they had lost their limbs in civilian life, company insurances would be paying for state-of-the-art prosthesis. However, they must rely on our budget-hit, foreign-swamped NHS and charities such as Help for Heroes (H4H).

The traitor Tony Blair sent our troops to war on the back of lies of “weapons of mass destruction”. He then made £12m a year on the back of our fallen and injured heroes whilst working for companies and banks that benefitted from the war that he caused. Whilst that evil candidate for war crimes of the century gets richer by the day, these injured young men endure a life time of pain and suffering.

WE ARE NATIONALISTS; we are not the Labour party. We give, not take away, I feel better inside when I donate to H4H and will be donating £500 to get my appeal underway. I am hoping to raise £1,000, that is £100 for each year since my accident.

These injured heroes need our help. As nationalists we owe them a duty of care, even if the other parties don’t. Please donate to my H4H appeal by donating securely at www.bmycharity/ChristopherThornton

Alternatively please make cheques out for as little or as much as you like to “Help for Heroes” and send them to me, Chris Thornton, at Box 105, Spennymoor, County Durham, DL16 9BJ.

Kind regards, Chris Thornton
07914 550977 

‘Thank you’ leaflet delivered in Tudhoe ward

Members of County Durham British National Party have been out since July in the Tudhoe ward in Spennymoor, County Durham, to deliver Pete Molloy’s ‘Thank you’ leaflet for the county council elections that took place in May.

Mr Molloy said: ‘Unfortunately the local press, such as the Spennynews and The Northern Echo, will not print our thank you letters in their respective publications, but that doesn’t bother us as we get the opportunity to inform the electorate of the dirty tricks the local Labour party group get up to.’

Leading the leafleting sessions was County Durham Organiser Adam Walker, whose rapport with the locals helped ensure the leaflet was well received in the ward. It also prompted one member of the community to write to Mr Walker to air their disgust over the mayoral situation on Spennymoor Town Council.

Commenting on the letter, Mr Walker said: ‘It is always a pleasure to get positive feedback from people in our area about the good work we do and how corrupt the Labour party mafia are.

‘I notice that once again we are the only party who have thanked people for voting for us. We will continue to work hard all year round and to offer people an alternative to the usual rubbish that is dragged out just before election time.’

Update on Adam Walker v Michael Gove in the High Court

This is just a quick update about the work to get Michael Gove’s latest edict overturned in the High Court.

Firstly, I would like to say a very sincere and very heartfelt thank you to all the people who have contributed to the appeal fund. It has been a tremendously uplifting experience to receive the donations and to read the messages of support.

I have tried to thank people individually as well, but in many cases donations have come through anonymously or with just a surname. If you haven’t heard from me directly, please take this as an expression of my gratitude.

As I said before, the accounts will be published so anybody can check their donation didn’t go astray, and every penny is being accounted for, whether it is cash, cheque, bank transfer or if it was sent via the Internet.

So far, we’ve been quite busy.

Getting the appeal registered and accepted was the first hurdle. To do that, we needed to very quickly research and understand the process and what the Court required.

In the absence of money to pay legally trained professionals, we had to work hard, and another round of thank yous goes to the people who helped and offered advice – even if much of it was contradictory!

The next step was raising the application fee, and if it wasn’t for those people who donated to the appeal, it would never have left the ground. It is truly shocking how much access to justice costs in this country when you have to pay for it yourself.

The days between sending in the paperwork and receiving the documents back with the Court seal were nervous but it was a great feeling when the envelope finally dropped through the door.

Once that was done, we could serve papers on Mr Gove and on his deputy, who signed the Order banning me from teaching for life. It’s just a pity we couldn’t be there to see Gove’s face when he opened the packet.

We’ve also written to the prime minister asking how sure he is of Gove’s decision, given that Gove has a history of ignoring advice from people who know what they’re talking about. Cameron himself has said how BNP teachers should be banned from the classroom – here’s the photo of him at the meeting, where he said it.

We’ve invited Dave to contribute to the appeal. If he’s confident in Gove’s decision, then he will surely welcome it being validated by the High Court. We’ll just have to wait and see...

Obviously it’s not over yet and there remains the actual work of presenting the evidence in the way the Court requires it. Again, people are still working for free in their spare time in the evenings and at weekends. We don’t have the luxury of a bottomless pit of public money to use to persecute our political opponents.

We don’t have government departments to impose corrupted political will on the people of Britain. We don’t have the huge funds available to the Unions to finance their activities.

What we do have is a sense of right and wrong.

It is right that I be excluded from teaching for a period after my conviction at the Crown Court. The hearing panel for teachers determined a review period of two years. That was extended to a lifetime ban on Gove’s authority by somebody who wasn’t even present at the hearing.

Even if the appeal isn’t successful, we will have shown Gove that he can’t just abuse his authority without it being brought to light.

If you would like to contribute to the High Court Appeal fund, please use Internet Banking to Lloyds TSB, Sort Code 77-20-40, Account Number 27588760, in the name of Adam Walker.

Alternatively, if you have a PayPal account, please send your contribution to adamwalkerappeal@gmail.com or if you prefer, you can send a cheque payable to Adam Walker C/O PO Box 105, Spennymoor, Co Durham, DL16 9BJ.

As I said before, all the donations and expenditure will be recorded and published. They will be anonymous in most cases, but if you want to put a name or a specific reference on the donation so you can check later, please let me know and I will make sure it happens.

And again, very many thanks to those who have contributed already. I couldn’t have got this far without your help.

If you wanted to contribute earlier but couldn’t at the time or if you got side-tracked, do please send what you can now. The highest single donation so far has been £500 and the lowest was a pound.

Every penny helps, and in their own way, both gestures have been just as humbling.

Thank you,

Adam Walker

Multiculti London is Europe’s capital of tuberculosis

Vibrant and diverse London has been declared Europe’s capital of tuberculosis, with over 3,500 cases of the disease recorded last year.

Public Health England’s annual TB in the UK report revealed the capital’s rate was a ‘worryingly high’ 42 cases for every 100,000 people – the highest of any western European capital.

There were 3,426 cases reported in London in 2012, with three-quarters of them involving people from South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Revealingly, the two areas with far and away the highest rates of TB in London are Brent and Newham, the two most ethnically cleansed (or polluted, depending on your opinion) boroughs in the city.

Brent, which is 82% non-white, has a TB rate of 100.6 per 100,000, and Newham, which is 83.3% non-white, has a rate of 118.8 per 100,000.

It is estimated that TB costs Europe more than 500 million euros a year, plus a further 5.3 billion euros in productivity losses.

A study published in the European Respiratory Journal this month states the economic burden of TB far outweighs the likely costs of investing in much-needed research to develop more effective medicines and vaccines.

The emergence of strains of that can't be treated with even the most powerful of drugs has turned TB into one of the world's most pressing health problems.

According to the World Health Organization, TB infected 8.7 million people worldwide in 2011 and killed 1.4 million. As many as two million people may have drug-resistant strains by 2015, the Geneva-based health agency says.

Treating even typical TB is a long process. Patients need to take a cocktail of antibiotics for six months and many fail to complete the treatment. That, alongside overuse and misuse of antibiotics, has fuelled the emergence of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and extensively drug resistant (XDR-TB), the report states.

The benefits of immigration: Only 10 percent of Somalis in Britain work full time

A recent article by The Economist provides us with some interesting statistics about Somalis in Britain, whom it calls our largest ‘refugee population’.

According to the 2011 census, 101,370 people in England and Wales were born in Somalia but less than a third of working age Somalis are employed, and just 10 percent of those are in full-time employment.

The article reports that Somali men are more often likely to be found ‘whiling away their days chewing khat’, a mild stimulative leaf, than working.

It goes on to state that in Waltham Forest, home to nearly 4,000 Somalis, 73% live in households on benefits, and more than 50% of British Somalis rent from local councils, the highest proportion of any foreign-born population.

It adds that over 80% of Somali-speaking pupils qualify for free school meals, and in 2010-11 only 33% of Somali children got five good GCSEs.

While the employment rate of all non-whites in Britain is lower than that of whites, Somalis have the lowest employment rate of all. According to ONS figures 87% of Somali women and 62% of Somali men are not in work of any kind, part or full time.

Muslim employment in Britain is low in general. In October 2010, the CEHR reported that 50% of Muslim men and 75% of Muslim women in the UK are unemployed.

Yet the anti-white media will still have you believe immigrants ‘do the jobs we don’t want to do’.

Adam Walker to sue Michael Gove

By Adam Walker

This is not an article about the BNP but about politics and about one man, Michael Gove, who is out of control.

Most of you will be aware of the case following my actions in 2011, when I followed three anti-social kids and punctured their bike tyres after they had disrupted a St George’s Day celebration.

It’s been reported in the newspapers and on the internet. Following my trial, when I could again speak freely, I made a public apology via the BNP website HERE.

There is no excusing what I did, and, even though many people might disagree, I would always say that calling the police is the right thing to do when faced with a group of kids looking for trouble. Do not take matters into your hands.

Since the court case itself, there has also been an investigation by the new National College for Teaching and Learning. The NCTL is part of Michael Gove’s Department for Education.

I don’t actually work as a teacher anymore because of the problems the Establishment has with BNP members being allowed in a classroom.

The Maurice Smith report commissioned by the previous government concluded that banning teachers from being BNP members would be “taking a very large sledgehammer to crack a minuscule nut”.

Mr Smith himself said that to bar teachers, or other members of the school workforce, from joining non-proscribed organisations would be a profound political act.

Despite this, I still cooperated fully with this investigation. Let’s face it, I’d brought the attention upon myself, and I held my hands up to what I’d done wrong.

The hearing was last month and, of course, I fully admitted the genuine offences, just as I did in court. Interestingly, the NCTL tried to accuse me again of more exaggerated offences, including an allegation that I had threatened a child with a knife.

This accusation was utter rubbish and was contradicted by all the other witness statements at the time. The allegation had already been included in the crown court case but was rejected after I pleaded not guilty.

But it seemed that Michael Gove wanted me banned from teaching and didn’t care that I’d been to court and not been found guilty.

The new NCTL agency he set up in April this year was going to have another go at convicting me. It was only when their barrister (yes, they paid for a solicitor and a barrister) agreed that if the NCTL insisted on trying to bring that up again, then it would be contrary to British and international law in that you cannot be tried twice for the same crime.

This wasn’t the first time that Michael Gove had disagreed with such a judgement. I was brought in front of the General Teaching Council in 2010, accused of racial intolerance.

They were looking at comments I’d made about the two illegal immigrants who had shot dead a female police officer and about the people who had beheaded the British hostage Ken Bigley.

I said they were savages and that in many ways Britain had become a dumping ground for the filth of the Third World. Some people would agree with that and some people would not.

But the panel looked at the evidence and said even though they were troubled by what I had written, I was not guilty of racial intolerance.

I was, however, guilty of making personal use of a school laptop within school hours and received the appropriate sanction for that. In a temper, Michael Gove abolished the GTC a week later, and, in a Commons statement, he described the panel’s decision as “quite wrong”.

He pledged that he would allow school heads and governing bodies to sack teachers if they were members of the BNP. That first failed attempt to have me struck off for life cost the taxpayer £72,746.60, which they admitted in writing in March 2011.

 Before my case in 2010, every teacher in Britain had to pay an annual fee to the GTC as well as their union subscriptions. Their union subs are optional but the GTC subs weren't.

After that body found me not guilty, Gove became so furious that he smashed up his GTC toy, and since then teachers no longer have to pay that particular stealth tax to Gove's department.

The disbanded GTC became the Teaching Agency, but, after only a couple of years, it became the National College for Teaching and Leadership after a merger with the National College for School Leadership.

I have received responses to Freedom of Information requests from these bodies about their staff. Nearly everybody who worked in the GTC was then immediately employed by the Teaching Agency, and they all still work for the larger NCTL.

So Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, first disagreed with a professional panel in 2010 and abolished the entire department as a result.

Then Michael Gove tried to have me struck off by trying to have a re-trial of the crown court case, even though the judge went on record to say he hoped the driving ban would not have an adverse impact on my employment and said: “I hope that your employers continue to value your good work as they have in the past and regard this episode as an utter aberration.”

Michael Gove was not present at the first GTC hearing to ask me any questions. Nor was he present at the crown court case. Nor was he present at the hearing in June.

He did not hear the evidence, and he did not ask any questions. His subordinate, the deputy director of the NCTL, was also not present to ask any questions.

And when the panel recommended that I be struck off with a review period of two years, I accepted my punishment. But then Michael Gove stepped in again.

His deputy, who as I said had not been there to hear the evidence or engage in the investigation in any way, decided to sweep aside the panel’s decision and impose a lifetime ban instead.

I have the chance to appeal this decision in the High Court, and that is why I am writing this article. It will be impossible for me in a practical sense to return to teaching in the UK.

I am too high-profile with my associations with the BNP for any of the teaching unions to sit back quietly and let me practise my profession.

And I’m a good teacher. I have the statistics and testimonies from former pupils and parents to prove it. Despite all the opinions and complaints from people that a BNP member shouldn’t be allowed to be a teacher in a school, nobody has ever presented any evidence or a witness to say that my personal politics were ever even referred to in a classroom.

My politics are my own personal views. They are even protected under the Human Rights Act. I kept them to myself whilst at work.

That is another issue. The question here is whether it is right for Michael Gove to be allowed to try a third time to sweep aside the considered judgement of a professional body or even a crown court judge and have his own way. There are more victims of Michael Gove’s underhand and unconstitutional methods than just me.

The main teaching unions struggle on a daily basis to protect their members from his idiocy, and, in May this year, the National Association of Head Teachers conference passed a vote of no confidence in Michael Gove and his policies.

If Michael Gove gets away with this in my case, then who is next? People are at as much risk from the fascist Michael Gove if they are BNP, Labour, UKIP, LibDems, Greens or even a faction within his own Conservative party.

My appeal deadline is closing, and I need funds to fight my corner.

As I said at the start of this article, this is not about the British National Party, although we are always in the firing line.

This is about stopping a political monster, who is clearly out of control.

Although I would much prefer to be able to afford an expensive High Court barrister, I will be representing myself to keep costs down, and I believe the case will stand up on its own two feet.

Michael Gove should not be allowed to abuse his authority. His actions show prejudice, show intolerance and show corruption. He has no regard for the law and no regard for the teaching profession or the education received by schoolchildren.

I know I did wrong, and I deserve to be struck off with a two-year review period.

That or even less is what happens in cases such as mine. I am not asking to be let off. I am asking the High Court to set aside Michael Gove’s decision and to uphold the one that the panel came to when they examined the evidence and had the opportunity to cross-examine me.

Please help me to make that case in the High Court.

I have set up an appeal fund quite separate from the normal finances of the Party or any other group.

Every penny donated will go towards the Court fees and costs.

Even if we win, I stand to make no personal gain because I will never be employed again as a teacher in any state school.

If there is any appeal money left after the High Court hearing, it will be donated to a recognised charity quietly and without any fuss.

I understand that most charities will not accept donations from political groups, and I stress again that this is not a BNP appeal but is all off my own back.

There is an argument for the Party to fight this on my behalf, but I do not feel it would be right.

Firstly, this affects everybody, not just BNP members.

Secondly, if I hadn’t lost my temper on that St George’s Day, this wouldn’t have happened.

To make a donation to the High Court Appeal fund, please use Internet Banking to Lloyds TSB Sort Code 77-20-40, Account Number 27588760 , in the name of Adam Walker.

Alternatively, if you have a PayPal account, please send your contribution to adamwalkerappeal@gmail.com or, if you prefer, you can send a cheque payable to Adam Walker C/O PO Box 105, Spennymoor, Co Durham, DL16 9BJ.

All the donations and expenditure will be recorded and published.

They will be anonymous in most cases, but if you want to put a name or a specific reference on the donation so you can check later, please let me know and I will make sure it happens.

It would be nice to see some of our traditional opponents on the list of people happy to put their names to this cause because Michael Gove is a threat to us all.

I am also writing to David Cameron to ask him to donate some of his personal wealth as part of the appeal. Let’s see if he trusts his colleague Gove’s judgement enough to help pay to have the decision reviewed by a High Court.

Some people have already pledged money, and you have my sincere and genuine thanks. Whether you can afford to throw in a few hundred like some already have or whether you can send me a couple of quid you have spare, we are all in this together.

Say No to Gove

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